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Guaranteed Integrity, Impartiality & Independence

The Bastard Provision in Kenya’s Arbitration

The Expert Witness

The Messing Links

The Prevailing Perception Problems of DRBs in Africa

Challenges Facing Arbitrators in Africa

Pathological Clauses in Ad Hoc Arbitration Kenya’s Experience

Dispute Resolution Models

Diversity in International Arbitration: Plain Old Politics or Value Addition?

Professional Misconduct in Kenya: Who Will Bell the Cat?

Tribute to Norman Mururu

World Duty Free Lessons for Investors

CIETAC Investment Arbitration Moot, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China 2019


Emerging Issues in Arbitration Law and Practice in Kenya

Kenya’s Political Parties Disputes Tribunal (PPDT) – Fit for Export?

Challenges Facing Arbitration Practice

Is Arbitration Expensive

Advantages of Arbitration

Nairobi Center For International Arbitration

What strengths does a non-lawyer bring to Arbitration?


What is the attitute of the judiciary with the support of Arbitration in Kenya?


Why Arbitration?


ISDS Reforms: Arbitrator Integrity Deficit

Resolving Tenancy Disputes Amicably in the COVID-19 era


Paul Ngotho’s Arbitration Books 2020

Construction Adjudication in Africa in the Covid 19 Era


20 Myths About Virtual Hearings in Arbitration


Expedited Arbitration Procedures in Kenya

Self-representation in Arbitration